Who We Are


Welcome! Terror Circus is made up of a pair of graphic artists (and military veterans) who love horror, creep, and just plain weird. We blog about horror movies and other strange things. We look forward to having you as friends and customers. Greetings from the desert of New Mexico. 

Jack is CEO of Terror Circus. As a boy, Jack was obsessed with monster models and the art of James Bama, however his artistic career began in the Navy, where his shipboard cartoons amused the XO and earned him a gig illustrating the captain's reports.

In civilian life he managed a cineplex and led a grassroots effort to save an historic drive-in theater; his love for cult movies ultimately led to stints as a film critic and line producer, working with the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman.

He founded Terror Circus with his wife, Lynne, who is the actual brains behind the outfit.

His favorite line in any movie: “Whatcha gonna do with those pies, boys?” (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) 



Lynne is a network engineer, webmaster of terrorcircus.com and loves horror movies, too.

She fixed electronic systems on aircraft in the Air Force then went on to a career fixing computer systems and networks. 

Her favorite monsters are Michael Myers of "Halloween," Gollum of "The Hobbit," the Wraith of "Stargate Atlantis," King Kong, Godzilla, the Thing, the wolfman from "American Werewolf in London," and the vampires of “30 Days of Night.”

She loves the Internet and software and has had e-commerce stores online since 1997. She’s a painter, seamstress, and digital graphic artist. 

She’s the author of a book and articles on the subject of e-commerce and children's coloring books of dragons. 

Use the chat window (bottom right of any screen here) or email us at: customerservice @ terrorcircus dot com

In The Workshop

Nap time is Lincoln's favorite time, but he's considering running away with the circus...our little man crossed over the Circus Rainbow Bridge on May 3, 2024. We will miss him every day. This website is dedicated to him.