Berserk! With Joan Crawford Available on Tubi Free

Berserk! Now Available to View Free



Circuses are colorful, phantasmagorical places filled with magic, mystery, creepy clowns, and lurking danger; with the death-defying stunts of knife-throwers, trapeze artists, and lion tamers promising spectacular gory death, it’s not surprising so many horror movies have used the circus as their milieu. One of the most entertaining of these is BERSERK!, a 1967 shocker starring Joan Crawford as the tough-as-nails ringmaster of a struggling circus plagued by a series of grisly murders. Horror veteran Michael Gough—later to play Alfred to Michael Keaton’s Batman (1989)—costars as Crawford’s business partner and part-time lover, which simply adds to the campy lunacy of this weirdly entertaining artifact of late 60s horror. The color cinematography is gorgeous, and the gruesome death scenes are suspenseful and well-staged. BERSERK! has been digitally remastered, and is now available for free on the free streaming service, tubi. #terrorcircus #horror #circus #berserk #tubi #joancrawford #michaelgough #dianadors

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